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Client Testimonials

Dear Andrew Johnson:

Our Internet start-up grew quicker than any of us expected. We did not have time to deal with H-1b and immigration issues. You got our Irish employees over quickly on H-1bs and then handled their travel and spouse issues. With so much going on here, it is nice delegating the immigration work to a superb professional. thanks and fortunately more H-1b's are coming.


Dear Mr. Johnson:

I know how involved my H-1b was and I appreciate how you walked me through the process and explained the process to my employer. Once approved, you came through again in guiding me through Embassy Process to get my H-1b visa. Finally, I have my 3 year visa and now can travel at will. Great work.


Mr. Andrew P. Johnson

EB- 5 investment are so complicated, and you have helped explain every step. The people I work with are sophisticated investors, and your detailed explanation of Regional Centers and where the $500,000 is invested was really helpful. Emailing me detailed explanation about the origin of the investment with time lines of the process made my job much easier. Thank you very much.


Mr. Johnson:

As you know, I panicked when ICE detained my wife. But you calmly handle the case and eventually got her the permanent residency card. My wife felt safe once we hired you. She also appreciated that your staff could answer many of her questions in her own language. We have recommended you to all of our relatives and friends. Thanks again.


Dear Andrew P. Johnson and staff:

I know I had a million questions in the beginning and everyone was patient and gave clear answers so I could relax and put the case in your hands. Now with my greencard I stop worrying so much. Thank you for everything.


Dear Mr. Johnson:

We can laugh at it now, but my wife and me were shaking when we had our US CIS interview and I had a deportation order, but you were their with us and everything you said would happen did happen. After the I-130 approval and 6 more months of paperwork, I now have my greencard and I can visit my family for the first time in 15 years. I cannot tell how much we appreciated everything, thank you very much



I am still mad about how I was treated by US CIS for my citizenship case, but when I hired you to take it over, you got everything sorted out, and it all went smoothly. Also, you made me over-prepare for the second interview, and that made me feel much more confident. Now I am a US citizen, and never have to deal with US CIS andI will always recommend you to my friends and family. Thanks


Mr. Johnson,

We lost the asylum case in Baltimore, but you said we had a strong appeal. You were correct because it was remanded by the 4th Circuit, and now I have my greencard. great job


Andrew Johnson,

I think you should write me and thank me for all the clients I sent you. You prepared me well for Court, and I was granted by the Immigration Judge. I now have a greencard (2 years away from citizenship) and I am applying to Law School. I have seen immigration attorneys in the Russian community, and there is a lot of corruption, your knowledge of immigration law is impressive and you treat everyone fairly and that is why I will give keep sending you clients.


Mr. Johnson

After talking to a bunch of immigration lawyers in new york, I walked into your office and explained that I have a deportation order, and I was extremely worried of immigration picking me up. I had a built a life in the US, with 4 kids and a restaurant in New York City, I could not live with this deportation order anymore. You took my case, represented through the I-130 interview, filed the Joint motion to reopen. Once granted, although it took another 8 months of paperwork. I now have my permanent residency card and can sleep at night. Wonderful Job.


Mr. Andrew Johnson,

The EB-5 investor visa went much smoother than I thought. When I looked at the process initially, it was overwhelming. But you walk me through it with a successful outcome. Obviously, when $500,000 is transferred anywhere, there is great anxiety, but your professionalism and knowledge of the procedure was great help as walked us through each step.



You got my greencard in front of the Immigration Court over 10 years ago, and I have been referring you clients ever since. When I was in Trial, I felt that you were in total control of the situation. Now with my entire family here living in Worcester, Massachusetts, my mom, dad, wife, her parents all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.




I wish I knew you in the eighties when I got my greencard, but now when I send you my Russian tenants to your office, you always tell them the truth and give them correct options for their specific immigration situations. A lot my Russian tenants are mislead by other attorneys, but you set them straight. Keep up the good work.

best regards


Dear Mr. Johnson

Although you still make fun of my artistic description in my immigration trial, we won and I think you are the best immigration attorney in the world. Many thanks



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